5 Softwares Companies Use To Hire & Retain Top Talent

5 Softwares Companies Use To Hire & Retain Top Talent

Are you looking to streamline your processes in 2018? In order to grow and scale successfully, your business needs to look into each and every facet of your organization and identify how to implement more effective plans and processes. This includes hiring and recruiting top talent. How are you currently marketing yourself to generate interest from top talent? What processes are in place to ensure that potential candidates are aware of your available positions? If you are looking for ways to simplify your hiring process or improve it, here are 5 softwares you can utilize to do just that!

5 Recruiting and Hiring Softwares For Business

1. Greenhouse – Recruiting Platform

Greenhouse is a recruiting software that will help you improve your processes. This is a great choice for companies with a growth mindset that are trying to increase productivity by utilizing tools and bettering processes. This platform helps find, track, and vet the best candidates for your company. You can manage all tasks and progress for those tasks within the platform and it even has automated alerts to let you know when you need to make a move. Conduct better interviews with Greenhouse’s interview kits. Website

2. Newton Software – Applicant Tracking Software

This mobile friendly software is great for companies that want to hire faster. If you’re company is growing quickly and you want to implement a tool that will help tap into referrals and make the recruiting process simple, this is a great one to check out. Newton also boasts about it’s easy to use and set up integrations. Website

3. Recruitee – Streamlined Hiring Process Software

Recruitee is a tool that helps fast growing SME’s streamline their processes for recruiting and hiring. You can use this to build your own career site, auto-post to top job boards, track and manage applicants and analyze data.


4. RecruiterBox – Recruitment Solution

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for recruiting top talent, this could be the software for you. This software includes workflows that will help increase productivity, reporting, calendar integrations, evaluation templates and more. Recruiterbox allows interviewers and managers to screen candidates without having to sign up or create an account, making it simple for everyone to use.


5. Jazz ATS – ATS & Recruiting Software

Organize your hiring process with JazzHR with it’s online platform. No more emailing back and forth with candidates, everything is in the online portal. Like other platforms, you can post your available positions across many job boards using this all-in-one solution as well as track and report on applicants. All your candidate information is held in one simplified place. You can also collaborate with team members and store documents within the platform to digitalize the entire hiring process.


It’s not just about software, it’s about strategy

It’s one thing to have great software that help automate and track processes but you’ll need to have a process in place in order to be successful with hiring! If you’re looking to grow your company,

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