What You Need To Know About The Facebook Newsfeed Changes

As of January 11, 2018, Facebook has made changes to it’s algorithm so to encourage more “meaningful” interactions. This means that posts from pages and videos will be seen less on your news feed and opportunities to interact with the people you care about will increase. This is important for businesses to acknowledge because it will make a big impact on their Facebook marketing efforts.

Why Facebook Made The Change & How It Affects Your Business

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has stated that the changes made to the news feed algorithm are prompted based on community feedback that posts from businesses and brands are crowding out personal content. Being able to keep in touch and stay informed about family and friends via your Facebook newsfeed is really what the community is all about. But with businesses, brands and media joining up Facebook and utilizing it as an advertising and targeting tool, many times our News Feeds are just a big sales pitch.

With the new Facebook newsfeed changes, businesses will see the views and reach of their post decrease. Facebook’s execs want people to feel good about using Facebook and the changes they are implementing will prioritize content that evoke meaningful interactions. The focus will be on bringing conversations from real people that you are friends with front and center on your newsfeed, leaving business pages and brands in the background.

Your newsfeed will be a space where you can see conversations happening and dive right into them. You’ll see posts where many of your friends are engaging, liking and sharing. These may be updates on life events, pictures, opinion rants and more. Facebook will also be cutting down on highlighting posts that link out to external sites. You can also expect to see less links out, to blog posts or external websites.

Details on how exactly Facebook will be “ranking” posts have not been released as of yet, but we do know that some of the factors will include length of comments and type. Longer comments will be “weighed” more than shorter comments or likes. Many other changes are expected to be made in order to improve the experience for Facebook users, news feed is just the beginning.

How Should Businesses Change Their Facebook Marketing Strategy?

  • Post less content per week
  • Create content that will get people to EACH OTHER and not just commenting on the post itself. This means posts that people are tagging out to their friends or replying to each other within the comments.
  • Live videos are better than produced videos! Start going live on your business and personal pages
  • Stay away from “engagement bait”. Don’t create posts that blatantly say “comment if…” because Facebook tells us that these types of posts will be “demoted”.
  • Up your Facebook ad game. For businesses, this is going to be the most reliable way to drive traffic to your page and get in front of your audience.
  • Nurture leads, sell and engage using messenger Chatbots. 

Improving our social media marketing strategy will involve developing better processes so that your organization can utilize tools like chatbots and going “live” affectively to market to your audience. Do you have the processes in place to make this change? Talk to us today!

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