How Businesses Are Using Facebook Live to Increase Engagement

According to Social Media Today, “people are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been pre-recorded..” More businesses are using Facebook as a tool to create cost-effective, highly engaging and fun video content. It’s quick, easy and can be very “in the moment” versus having an entire production set. Your business can connect more directly with your audience using Facebook Live while creating excitement around your company culture, product release, content production and more. Here’s how your company can starting using Facebook Live to increase engagement.

4 Ways You Can Use Facebook Live To Increase Engagement

1. Give an Inside Look

Businesses are using Facebook Live to give followers an insider’s view into their company. You can show off your company culture by going live during a company meeting, lunch or team workshop. Maybe your team gets together after work on Friday’s for Happy Hour and this is a good time to meet the team and ask questions outside the office. If your business develops products, you can take Facebook live “backstage” and show some ins and outs of the creation. Same goes if you are a business providing a service. Just simply walking around the office on a busy day and saying hello to team members, asking what they are up to and fielding any questions you get from the comments while Live can give your company an edge over competition. Show off what differentiates you and give the audience a fun, entertaining look into your company.

2. Events

Is your business hosting or attending an event? Going live before and during the event is an excellent way to increase engagement and followers. If you are attending an event it most likely has hashtags associated with it. Utilize as many of the buzzwords and hashtags as possible within the Live description in order to increase the engagement and potential show up for more viewers. Viewers who are interested in the event will tune in and possibly even ask questions or engage. In order to generate the most engagement, interact with viewers by asking questions of your own for people to comment on or creating a “topic” before going live at the event. For example, say you are at an Inbound Marketing conference where Seth Godin is speaking. You can post in the Facebook Live description..“Have you read Seth Godin’s recently published book [name of book]? What do you think of [insert specific topic here]”. After attending a session where that author spoke you can start up a conversation and throw in some bits of information from the session. By using the appropriate hashtags in your description and a tagged location, your live video could encourage a ton of engagement from other event goers or interested audiences.

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3. Breaking News

New addition to your team? Merger or acquisition announcement? Brand new website? Break the news on Facebook Live! Your audience will love to be “in the know” by being the first to hear a company announcement. You can promote teaser announcements leading up to the day you will go live on Facebook. Post graphics and text alluding to your breaking news and ask people to mark their calendars.  When going live, try to include other team members and company leadership. When you get more of your company involved, your audience will feel like part of the team!

4. Content Promotion

A great way to get more traffic to your website and new leads for your downloadable content is to promote it on a Facebook Live video. Include the link to the blog post, landing page or website page within the Live description and also discuss how to find the content during your live video. You can make your video interesting by interviewing the author of the content, teasing the audience with some new stats or updated information that’s including in the piece or even holding a giveaway or raffle for the first few people that download (if it’s on a landing page).  

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