Using Social Media To Attract & Retain Your Best Employees

Using Social Media To Attract & Retain Your Best Employees

In today’s workforce, company culture is incredibly important to prospective employees. Attracting great, loyal and long-term talent is now much more about your company name, salary or it’s location. By not only creating but showcasing, a great company culture you can attract talent from all over the world and build an organization that thrives.

“In today’s culture, who you work with is becoming more important than who you work for, and digital marketing is the best way to show prospective employees who you are as an agency, from the bottom up.” – Hubspot

How do most people find out about new products, brands and opportunities? Social media! Social media is an excellent way to achieve many of your business goals including brand awareness, lead generation as well as talent acquisition. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all platforms that you can utilize to highlight your company’s best attributes and show off why it’s a great place to work. Let’s dive into the best ways to use social media to attract and retain employees for your company.

How To Highlight Company Culture Using Social Media

  • Use Instagram to take photos of daily life at your company. Visually highlight employees, events,and company outings. This is not only a great way to show off what your company is up to but it will show transparency within your culture, which will attract trustworthy candidates.
  • Snapchat quick videos throughout the week of company life. Tell quick, visual stories of how office life is for employees. You can even utilize Snapchat for short interviews or fun facts about your brand. 
  • Twitter is a great platform to highlight personality. Share articles related to your company’s brand and core values. Build relationships with other brands and prospective employees by sharing their content as well. 
  • Take advantage of Facebook and it’s many networking opportunities to connect with prospective employees. Post and respond to posts in industry related Facebook groups (or better yet create your own Facebook community like IMPACT Branding and Design did).
  • LinkedIn is the top platform for recruiting. Make sure that your company’s LinkedIn profile page is up to date and filled with content and media that showcases your culture and performance. Also, be sure to review employee LinkedIn pages and encourage employees to post, add links to their media showcase and network with their connections. Everyone in your company should have a LinkedIn profile and have connections with everyone in your company and related professionals. 

Empower Your Employees to Utilize Social Media

Encourage your employees to share their own opinions and feedback on working for your company on Facebook, LinkedIn and recruiting websites such as GlassDoor. A great way to involve your employees with your company’s social media is to provide them with access to post on Instagram stories or Snapchat. This will make it easier for you to build up your content and for your employees to quickly take snapshots of daily life and what they love about working for you! It’s also important for you to make it easy for employees to post about your company across platforms. Make sure your accounts and posts are set up properly for sharing and tagging. Let employees know that “check-ins” and shares are encouraged and accepted!

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