How to Use Groups in Facebook to Attract More Customers

Facebook offers businesses many tools to attract more customers online. One feature that is becoming more and more popular for companies is Facebook groups. By using groups, businesses are able to learn about their customers, provide bonuses and incentives as well as actually sell and make money online!

A Facebook group can be beneficial to your business because it creates more online awareness as well as gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise and customer service. Let’s explore how you can use groups in Facebook to attract more customers to your business!

6 Ways to Use Groups in Facebook to Attract More Customers

Step 1: Sell Your Products in Facebook Groups

In 2015, Facebook started ‘For Sale’ groups where businesses and individuals are able to sell items right on this social channel. First, you will need to join or create a For Sale group where you and others can buy and sell items. Then, when you go to create a post you will see the “sell something” option in the drop-down. You also have the ability to mark items as available or sold within the catalog of items you are selling online. Business of all sizes have taken advantage of this tool to grow their revenue.



Step 2: Provide Access to Private Groups as a Bonus to Your Product or Service

A great way to boost sales is adding an extra incentive to your service or product. Many businesses do this by providing private Facebook group link access as a bonus upon purchase. For example, say you are selling a video training course. By creating a Facebook group for all customers that have purchased the course and then providing the private link as part of the package, you are adding an extra value to the product. This group could be a place where you post additional bonus videos, tutorials, eBooks and more. It could also be a discussion forum for customers to ask questions or talk about their experience to help others.

Step 3: Create a Facebook group to utilize as a Q&A Forum for Your Business

Give prospective and current customers an opportunity to ask and answer questions about your products or services using a Facebook group “forum”. Think of it like Amazon’s Q& A section for products. This is a place for users to interact with each other giving honest opinions and answers. You will learn so much from the discussion as well as have an opportunity to address any questions that go unanswered or need company attention.

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Step 4: Start a Group to Establish Industry Expertise

If you are a new company to Facebook or maybe to the industry itself, a great way to showcase your expertise is by creating an industry-specific Facebook group. People on Facebook love to “like” and “follow” pages that are about topics that interest them. They are looking for pages that provide valuable articles, videos, infographics and more for them to share and learn from.

By creating a Facebook group that serves the audience for your industry niche, you can establish expertise for that topic. For example, say you are starting an inbound marketing agency that focuses on helping law firms grow their business with inbound. Your company should create a Facebook group called “Law Firm Online Marketing” or “For Law Firm Online Marketers” to attract the audience in the industry and topic you are looking for.

In your Facebook group you may provide value by asking questions that spark up discussion amongst members and spend time sharing articles and free resources that are helpful for law firm marketing. Without being self-promotional, you can really grow your business with this type of Facebook group. People will see you as an expert in the industry and turn to you for advice, which will lead them to wanting your help and turn them into a customer!

Step 5: Use a Group to Collect Feedback from Customers

Wouldn’t it be great to get honest and helpful feedback from your customers all in one place? Using Facebook groups, you can set up a private group just for customers and give them the link access once they purchase. Encourage them to provide reviews, feedback, and photos of their purchase and service. They can also use this group to ask questions to the company or share complaints if necessary. Your business then has the opportunity to address all feedback right within the group which will show great customer service and even answer some important questions for other customers.



Step 6: Create a Facebook Group to Test New Ideas with Peers and Select Customers

Businesses can also use Facebook to create “Mastermind” groups which can help innovation and new product/service creation. By creating a private group on Facebook you can post new ideas from your business and ask for feedback or brainstorming help. Inviting select customers who you consider your “ideal persona” is an excellent way to make them feel important to your business and get the insider feedback you need to grow in the right direction.

Key Takeaways on Using Groups in Facebook to Attract More Customers

  • Using Facebook groups to attract customers is about creating expertise and awareness of your business. Businesses can use groups to generate feedback on current and new ideas as well as add a group as a bonus to your service.
  • It’s important to remember to monitor your Facebook group regularly and provide your own post updates (if that is part of the strategy) and/or respond to other posts. Staying active is critical to the success of your group.
  • Customers are attracted to businesses who care about them. Facebook gives companies the opportunity to showcase their customer service, products and satisfied customers.


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