AI in Marketing: Beyond Simple Analytics

If you ask any marketer worth their weight in salt how they feel about analytics, you are likely to hear rave reviews about their analytics tools, and possibly a diatribe about the perils of not being “data-driven”. So, just how valuable are analytics? Are you connecting your analytics to actions? If your answer to the … Read moreAI in Marketing: Beyond Simple Analytics

How Your Business Should Gather & Use Customer Data For Marketing

Are You Collecting and Using Data From Your Customers? Customer data is key to success with online marketing. Why? Because the data you collect from your customers tell you what you need to know about their behaviors and their engagement with your business. With this useful information, you can take the “guessing game” out of strategy … Read moreHow Your Business Should Gather & Use Customer Data For Marketing

Using Social Media To Attract & Retain Your Best Employees

In today’s workforce, company culture is incredibly important to prospective employees. Attracting great, loyal and long-term talent is now much more about your company name, salary or it’s location. By not only creating but showcasing, a great company culture you can attract talent from all over the world and build an organization that thrives.

“In today’s culture, who you work with is becoming more important than who you work for, and digital marketing is the best way to show prospective employees who you are as an agency, from the bottom up.” – Hubspot

How do most people find out about new products, brands and opportunities? Social media! Social media is an excellent way to achieve many of your business goals including brand awareness, lead generation as well as talent acquisition. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all platforms that you can utilize to highlight your company’s best attributes and show off why it’s a great place to work. Let’s dive into the best ways to use social media to attract and retain employees for your company.

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5 Things Companies Are Doing To Retain Employees

In a study of over 1000 workers, 31 percent reported having quit a job within their first six months.” – BambooHR

Employee retention is key to successful company growth. In order to retain your most talented and skilled employees, putting in place processes is a necessity. Plans for creating clear job descriptions, promotion and bonus structures as well as scheduled meetings and trainings are critical to encourage retention and growth. Here are 5 strategies successful companies put into place in order to retain employees.

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5 Softwares Companies Use To Hire & Retain Top Talent

Are you looking to streamline your processes in 2018? In order to grow and scale successfully, your business needs to look into each and every facet of your organization and identify how to implement more effective plans and processes. This includes hiring and recruiting top talent. How are you currently marketing yourself to generate interest from top talent? What processes are in place to ensure that potential candidates are aware of your available positions? If you are looking for ways to simplify your hiring process or improve it, here are 5 softwares you can utilize to do just that!

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