What is the #1 Thing to Do to Grow a Small Business?

This is kind of a trick question because it’s not just one thing. It’s a system of things.

Someone smarter than me once said, “There are no silver bullets, just lots of lead ones.” That’s the approach you have to take when getting your business in front of your customers.

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How do I get started on my own business growth system?

1. Make your website your central hub. I can’t stress this enough… your website is where you “live” on the internet. It’s also the first place people go to verify you’re a credible company to do business with. So, make sure it’s up to date and genuinely reflects the business you want to be in with clear messaging.

2. Steer everything to your website. Because this is your home on the internet (and we all live on the internet… no one uses phone books anymore), this is where you need to send people so that you can answer all of their questions and buy from you once they trust you. You can create landing pages to track specific promos or test an audience.

3. Collect contact information. This allows you to continue the conversation once they’ve left your website. You’ll need a clear contact form as well as an option to subscribe to your updates. A lead magnet is a great idea to get someone to part with their contact information, which is basically digital currency. A lead magnet would be something that is of value to your customer that is more in depth than a blog post. An example of this could be a pdf of “10 Things to Make Your Lawn a Show Stopper by Spring” on a lawn care site. They enter their info, then download your thing.

4. Multi-purpose your content. Content is what you have on your website that lets people know that you’re just the right solution for them. Once you’ve taken the time to write out your services, re-use those paragraphs as evergreen content on your Facebook page, rotating every so often. Write a blog post? Email your people a variation of the same content. Write a lead magnet like the one I described in #3? Use one tip as a blog post to tease the download.

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