How to Ask for Testimonials

Did you know 92% of people say they read testimonials when considering a purchase? 

Do you know the #1 thing most small business websites lack?

You guessed it.


Why is that? Because it can feel really weird to ask people to say nice things about you. So, here are a couple of ways to go about it in the easiest, breeziest way. 

1. Make the ask in a personal email and offer to write one for them, too. Reach out individually to recent clients and say something like, “We recently realized we’re lacking testimonials on our website. Would you help us out and send us a 2 sentence recommendation? We’d be happy to reciprocate!” 

2. If someone makes a positive comment to you on their way out your door, thank them and ask to use it. You could say, “That’s so great to hear! Do you mind if I write that down and use it as a testimonial on our website?” You can offer to email them shortly with the comment for their approval. 

Get out there and ask for your glowing testimonials, friend. And don’t forget to actually add them to your website!

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