5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Business

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Business

It’s that time of the year for small business owners to spread some holiday cheer! ‘Tis the season for holiday marketing! For small businesses, this is a great opportunity to build revenue, reconnect with past and prospective clients and get in front of your ideal clients with great marketing strategies. While “black friday” deals may be the first to come to mind, you don’t always have to discount your services in order to succeed with holiday marketing for your business. Here are some ideas to help you market your business during the holidays!

Contests & Giveaways

Create some “freebie” promotions that would be valuable to your ideal client and use them for an engaging contest or giveaway! A “freebie” could even include an add-on to your services (choose a larger package or service that will be profitable to you to make up for what you’re giving away). You could also create something new such as a guide, a template, a video tutorial, or a one-on-one meeting opportunity (a consultation). 

Once you decide what the “freebie” will be, begin creating some promotional pieces to market the giveaway. You could post on Instagram and Facebook and ask for people to “like”, “comment” and tag a friend. They could get an extra “point” for sharing with their followers. (Make sure to check out Instagram’s giveaway rules prior to posting!

Send out the promotions also to your email list, asking for them to reply “in” if they want to submit. You can use a tool called GoViral to help you encourage people to share!

Promotions & Special Offers

These can be discounts of course, or you can get more creative and offer special promotions for people who buy in bulk, or for a friend. The promotion or offer can be an add-on service or one of the “freebie” ideas we listed above. It can also be a fun product related to your business and your ideal clientele (for example: a bookkeeping service can offer a free 2021 planner to anyone that books with them for tax season before Jan 1). Customers who purchase from you during a set time during the holiday season will receive this promotional offer! 

Gift Guides

Gift guides are fun, great holiday marketing strategies that don’t cost your business anything extra! Build a quick gift guide targeted to your ideal client that includes products and services they may be interested in receiving or giving during this holiday season. 

Instagram recently launched their new “Guides’  feature, making it super easy for you to recycle your posts and create guides for your audience. You can link to your “guide” in email marketing to promote it, as well as share it across other platforms for maximum exposure. The guides can include actual products or even places (Top X Place to Visit this Holiday Season With Family). Make it festive and shareable!

If you don’t want to use Instagram for your guide, you can list out gifts in a blog post or on a website page. You can also use Instagram and Facebook to “poll” your audience and find out what they want and what they are giving this holiday season. The goal with a gift guide of any type is to make it engaging and valuable to your audience!

Fundraising for Charity 

Connect with your ideal audience and do some good this holiday season by participating in a fundraising campaign or a volunteer event. You may want to adopt a family and then raise money for the gifts. You could also gather a group to volunteer at a shelter, church or hospital. You could raise money for a specific cause in lieu of gifts or promotions this year. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in line with your business’ values and overall mission statement so that your audience can gain a better understanding of what you are passionate about! 

Local Partnership Promotions 

Another great holiday marketing idea is to partner with a local business to offer a promotion! This is a great way to gain more exposure for your business and connect with new potential clients. Is there a service or product that your ideal client uses all the time or would like in addition to your services? Maybe it’s not directly connected but just something fun such as a coupon for a free baked good at a local bakery when you buy from your business, or a discount on a service from another vendor that offers something you can’t. There are plenty of businesses that you can connect with and both benefit from this type of promotion. Choose wisely and be sure that they will honor whatever promotion you are marketing! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Start thinking about your holiday marketing strategy early so that you can get everything in place for success. Ideally you would include these plans in your business marketing plan!
  • Promotions, special offers, discounts and freebies are all great ways to generate new business and repeat clients. Re-engage with your audience by putting this strategy in place!
  • Partnering with local charities, fundraisers and businesses to help raise money is a great way to connect with your ideal audience. This is wonderful for brand awareness and building while doing good at the same time!
  • Partner with other service providers or local businesses to offer fun treats, extra add-on services or discounts. 
  • Holiday marketing isn’t always a sure thing! It’s important to set expectations that you will have to experiment and see what works with your clients and your business.

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