8 Social Media Posting Ideas for Small Service-Based Businesses

8 Social Media Posting Ideas for Small Service-Based Businesses

Is your small business ready to get serious about social media marketing?

Posting regularly on your social media channels is the best way to gain traction from this marketing strategy. By posting 3-5 times per week, you can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and even generate more revenue. Here are some ideas to fill up your social media marketing calendar with great posts that will provide value and keep your followers engaged!

National Days

A fun way to engage with your audience is to post the “national” days that are related to your industry or just for fun! Check out this National Day Calendar website to get a peek at upcoming celebrations. Post about “National Calzone Day” or “National Boss’s Day” with a fun photo or meme. Tag people you know that would enjoy the celebration and encourage your followers to share!

Holiday Wishes 

On top of your National Day posts, don’t forget to schedule your holiday social media postings. Sending best wishes to your followers for all the major holidays is a great way to connect on a personal level and show that your business recognizes all types of holidays and special events. These posts, along with the National posts, are easy to schedule in advance using Facebook’s Creator Studio or another tool like Later, Hootsuite or Hubspot.

Quotes & Memes 

Fill in your social calendar with thought provoking, memorable and valuable quote images. These could be industry related or general themes that your audience would find valuable and industry. Here’s a great resource for quotes with images and visuals.

Memes are fun and very popular on social media. This is a great way to get a few laughs, likes and shares from your followers. Posting one or two memes per month will help you fill up your social calendar and relate to your audience. A simple internet search with your topic + meme will bring you to a ton of options!

Articles on Industry Updates 

Provide value to your audience by sharing industry related articles from valuable and credible sources. One great way to build a “library” so you have content for posting is to save article links as you come across them into your notes with short comments or descriptions on your thoughts. Schedule out one or two of these types of posts per week. It’s always great to share other people’s content more than your own, in order to provide value to your audience and show them that you care about giving them information that is helpful to them. Along with the link, be sure to give a small description in the post as well as ask a question or prompt in order to encourage commenting. If you don’t regularly come across industry related articles, set up a Google Search Alert for keywords related to your business and you will receive news right in your inbox!

Local News & Events  

Connect with your local audience by sharing local news and upcoming events! Link to your local Chamber of Commerce website, newspapers, magazines or community centers. Share popular virtual and in-person events that your audience may find of interest! Fill up your calendar with 2 or 3 of these types of posts per month. You can also create your own version of a local event calendar, adding in your own events or promotions! Sharing local uplifting news stories that your audience cares about will help you connect with them and help them understand how you are a part of the community. You can also help them stay on top of the latest trends and updates about rules and regulations by sharing this information and easily become a resource for your clients.

Testimonials & Service Information

Got a great review? Share it! Create posts from your online reviews or from “testimonials” from your clients. These can be quotes from emails about your services or products or even real conversations you’ve had with clients raving about how great your work is (make sure to get their approval first if it’s not posted online publicly!) An easy way to schedule these out is to create a template using Canva for testimonials and reviews. Go through your online reviews and pop them into the template and download them as images. It’s great to share a review or testimonial a few times per month to showcase your credibility and how well you are doing!

Get more business by promoting your services 2-3 times per month on social! Give additional insight into a product or service offering, including the process or pricing. Answer your audience’s questions about that specific service or offer them a one-on-one conversation if they are interested. Make sure to always include a link back to your website or a call to action to a contact page, email or phone number. 

Promotions & Offers

Generate more revenue with sharing promotions on social! Once per month, create a discount, offer or promotion that your followers can take advantage of. This can be something that is available to all customers or even just limited to your social media following. “Show us this post and receive 10% off your next service” is a great way to engage followers and encourage them to share your channel with others. 

Photos & Videos 

Get personal on social! Your followers love to see real people doing business. Take photos and videos during business hours and share! This could be a quick video tour of your business space,or even a video of you talking about a specific service or just saying hello and updating your followers on what’s new with your business. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan ahead! Prepare your social media calendar by scheduling out holidays, national days, articles and promotions in advance.
  • Share other people’s content, limit the “salesy” posts. Provide value for your audience without being “all about you”!
  • The more personal, the better. Get local! Share local news stories and events to connect with your audience. Videos and photos of you and your daily business happenings are a great way to show personality. 

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