Holiday Marketing Plan Ideas for Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Plan Ideas for Small Businesses

The holidays are just around the corner! What do you have planned to market your small business? Whether you are strategizing for this year or getting a plan in place for 2021, you should include holiday marketing ideas within your small business marketing plan. Take advantage of the holiday season by offering great discounts, promotions, and partnerships. Find some time to donate to charities and provide some extra holiday cheer to your local customers! The holidays are a great time to reconnect with previous, current and prospective clients. With all of this in mind, here are some holiday marketing ideas to include in your small business marketing plan.  

Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas

Posting on social media consistently is very important to increase your business’ brand awareness and even generate new business from followers. Spread some holiday cheer by posting 3-5 times per week. Come up with your social media holiday posting schedule ahead of time and plan it out using a content calendar [BONUS: Download our free content calendar template here]. Here are some quick posting ideas:

  • Promotions about services to get ready for the upcoming new year
  • Coupons like “Share This Post and Show it and Receive 5% off” 
  • Take a poll about holiday traditions, recipes, movies, songs…etc.
  • Ask a holiday related question to your followers 
  • Funny holiday memes 
  • Quotes related to the season from famous individuals, books, movies or songs
  • Articles about celebrating the holidays in different countries or cultures 
  • Local event calendars 
  • “Throwback” holiday photos 
  • Holiday Gift Guides (Pro Content Tip: Make your own holiday gift guide as a downloadable offer) 
  • Promotions local businesses are offering 
  • Charities, fundraisers, groups your business supports

Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

Email marketing is a great way to reconnect with past, current, and prospective clients subscribed to your list. During the holiday season, your email list is likely getting bombarded with promotions from everything they’ve ever subscribed to, so it’s critical for your emails to stand out! Keep in mind that while you want to be consistent and stay in front of your audience, providing them real value and making sure you are sending emails about what they really need is important to get best results. A simple “happy holidays!” email with a note and an image is great, but will not likely provide you with any new revenue and may have a lower open rate. Try these tips in your holiday email marketing strategy to experiment for best results:

  • Identify a goal for your holiday email marketing strategy. Maybe it’s to promote a special offer, provide a limited time discount code for services or an opportunity to enter a giveaway. You’ll want to gear your offer specifically to your target audience and have a specific sales goal in mind. 
  • Choose to send your emails at the best performing day/time using previous data. 
  • Personalize your emails as much as possible!
  • Review previous subject lines and identify what works best for your audience based on open rates. 
  • Visuals are great but keep in mind the plain text and mobile versions of your email. 
  • Don’t just send one email with your email, have a follow up strategy in place!

Holiday Print Marketing Ideas

For small businesses with heavy foot traffic, it’s a good idea to also include print marketing strategies within your marketing plan. Here are some ideas you can include based on your business’ goals. 

  • Coupons with special offers, discounts, “free” items and promotions. These can be held behind the desk and offered with check out or added to a gift bag. You can also give some to local businesses to add to their products when customers check out or leave out on their front desk. 
  • Flyers about special promotions and services for the holidays. A nice print out to be placed in your front window and shared with other businesses. You can also hang these up in community centers, public libraries, anywhere around town that supports local business!
  • Signs! Promote your business’ holiday specials using a chalkboard outside your brick and mortar shop, a framed sign out on the corner or a letter board within your business.
  • Depending on your audience (great idea if they are mostly local and ages 40-65+), look into advertising with local magazines and newspapers. 
  • Direct mail marketing can be a great way to stay in front of your target audience who are not often hanging out on email and social media. Postcards, flyers or even a hand written cards are great ideas for this. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan ahead for holiday marketing! Use a content calendar to plan social media and email marketing surrounding any offers. 
  • Use real data and insight on your audience to create your holiday marketing plan. The holidays are an overwhelming time for people so you want to make sure you are offering your ideal client what they are looking for and want. 
  • Don’t overdo it with promotions – choose promotional strategies based on where your ideal client is most likely to see them. 
  • Have fun on social media! Use your social media marketing strategy as a way to connect and engage, with a sprinkle of promotions and sales tactics thrown in.

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