The 5 Things Successful Service Professionals Do to Book More Clients

Are you a service-based business looking to grow? It’s obvious that the key to success is booking more clients and generating new revenue but the question is “how”? How can you actively market your business and book new clients on a regular basis without spending a ton of money? Digital marketing is the answer. As a small business owner, you probably have BIG goals! The best way to achieve those goals is by creating a marketing plan and sticking to it. Your marketing plan will not only include your goals, your target audience, your current infrastructure and inventory but also your action plan to achieve your goals. The most successful service professionals book more clients by having a marketing plan that includes the following 5 key pieces. 

1. Blog 

Content creation is essential to increasing your business’ online presence and booking more clients. Blogging is a great way to start with content creation! There are many benefits of blogging including increasing your online visibility as well as lead generation. Blogging a few times a month or more will help you get found online and help potential clients see you as an expert in your field. Blogging is a low cost (or no cost) way to market your business and can be done yourself or outsourced to expert writers. Using keyword optimization, your blog articles can show up in search results for anyone looking for information on those topics. They will then go to your website and have a chance to get to know you and explore your offerings. 

Your blogs can also help you book more clients by showcasing your services. You can write about client experiences, case studies, and more. If you aren’t a great writer – no worries! Blogs can also be done in video form or you can use mostly photos with captions and bullet points to get the information out there. The important part is that you create the content!

2. Downloadable Offers 

You can build your database by offering downloadable content. This content can be anything from how tos, guides, videos, templates, checklists and more. The key to creating a downloadable offer is making sure it’s something your target audience wants and needs. Downloadable offers will book you more clients because it will help build your email database. You will collect email addresses, names, and possibly even phone numbers and other important information in a form on the landing page for your offer. After they fill out the form, they will be lead directly to the offer or a link that downloads the offer. You then have the opportunity within your offer or on your thank you page to promote your services. Having offers available on your website, promoted on your social media and used within your email campaigns will help you gain more clients!

3. Social Media Marketing

Book more clients by taking advantage of social media! In 2021, we know that every business needs a social media presence. Staying in front of your ideal audience on social media is critical to the success of your business. Your social pages are a place for clients to share with their friends about how great you are, as well as an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise to a potentially huge audience. However, just having a page on Facebook and Instagram is not enough. You should focus on staying consistent with posting, engaging and growing your following. You can promote your blog articles and downloadable offers as well as your services, reviews, case studies and more. Show off your personality by sharing fun articles and memes but also be sure to showcase your expertise by sharing industry trends and information. 

Your social media pages also have the opportunity for you to get new clients using “book”, “call” and “message” buttons. Make sure your profiles are optimized to get new business! Here’s a great article on setting up your business profiles properly. 

4. Email Marketing 

With your blog, downloadable offers and social media marketing in place, you’ll want to make sure your email marketing plan is on point in order to book more clients. Take advantage of your database by using email marketing to promote your blogs, offers and services. Send out coupons, updates, limited time promotions and other marketing related materials through email on a regular basis. It’s important to utilize your database wisely by segmenting your list and making sure to email people with information they expect and want to receive. Sending too many emails could lead to unsubscribes and spam reports, while sending too little emails and your database will forget who you are. 

Stay on top of your list by sending timely and relevant information based on engagement and activity. For example, always have follow up emails in place for people who subscribe or download an offer. Send out “re-engagement” emails to people on your list who haven’t opened or clicked on emails in a few months, asking if they are still interested in being on your list and what they would like to receive. Email marketing is a great tool for small businesses to book more clients and should be taken advantage of!

5. Get More Online Reviews

Successful service based businesses have an online presence that includes online reviews. Building your online reviews is essential to generating new business! People who are researching online for your services will be looking to sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google to see what others are saying about working with you. 

It’s a good idea to even offer incentives to clients for posting online reviews, such as a free gift or a small discount. After you finish business, you should be sure to ask for a review and have a few follow up emails and calls on your schedule to check in and ask again for reviews and referrals. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating unique content is important for improving online visibility which will generate new business. Having a blog on your website and consistently posting new content that showcases your expertise is the best way to do this. 
  • Downloadable offers will generate new leads and help you grow your database. Create your offer, form, and landing page as well as a thank you page. Your offers should be valuable to your target audience – such as guides, checklists, templates..etc. 
  • Social media is a must! Optimize your social media profile for your business by making sure you have “book” and “call” buttons and clear contact information. Stay top of mind for your idea audience by posting regularly. 
  • Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your past, current and potential and generate new business. Book more clients by promoting content and offers through email marketing but be sure to segment your database and provide valuable information that your contacts expect and will want to receive. 
  • The more reviews the better! Online reviews are key to winning more business. Ask for reviews online and offer incentives. 

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