What Is a Lead Magnet and How Can it Help Me Get Clients?

Are you looking to grow your business with online marketing? Then you need to create a lead magnet – ASAP! A lead magnet is a downloadable offer that your target audience will find irresistible. In exchange for their email address, and other valuable information if you choose, your ideal client will have access to a valuable tool, guide, template, eBook, video or another intriguing offer you create. In this article you’ll learn some examples of lead magnets for your small business and how you can use this strategy to grow your database and generate new clients. 

How To Create a Great Lead Magnet For Your Small Business

Your lead magnet should be an offer that:

  • Provides unique value to your ideal client: Something that they need and will consider “high value” to help with their questions or problems. The offer should help convince your ideal client that you are the expert vs. your competitors. 
  • Specific and provides instant gratification: Your lead magnet should solve a specific problem that your ideal client faces and should answer that issue/question thoroughly in order to portray you as the expert. Also, it should be able to be accessed instantly and easily once the visitor inputs their information. 

Examples of Lead Magnets That Will Help Your Business Get Clients

When brainstorming your business’ perfect lead magnet to include in your small business marketing plan, you’ll first want to think through all of your current marketing materials and what you have available in your inventory to reuse or recycle. Recycling content and improving it based on your needs is a great way to save money, time and effort as a small business owner. You may already be using certain templates that your customers would also find valuable or you might have a video or a slideshow presentation that can be turned into a checklist or guide! Here are some examples of lead magnets that work well:


According to OptinMonster, checklists are one of the most popular lead magnet offers because they are easy to consume. To create a checklist as a lead magnet you can even recycle a popular blog article that includes a list, such as “Top 10 Things to Do When Preparing For Tax Season”.  

Webinar or Live Virtual Workshop 

These types of lead magnets take a lot more time and effort but are perceived by your audience as much more valuable. The value of a webinar or workshop is like a live training for your ideal client, offering them exclusive content and information catered to their needs. The option to interact with you (or someone on your team) as the host and ask questions as well as learn from the best will be very appealing. Webinars and workshops are also great lead magnets because they offer a sense of urgency, since they are only at a certain time and date. You can learn a lot about your ideal client from hosting this type of offer. Also, you can record it and reuse it as a downloadable video for another lead magnet that will help you convert more leads to your database! 


As mentioned before, you may already be using some excellent templates for your business that would be valuable to your ideal client. One of our highest performing lead magnets is our Content Calendar Template, which we also use for ourselves to keep track of our content, social media, email and lead magnet marketing. You can create your template lead magnet using Google as a spreadsheet, slides presentation or document or you can use Excel or Powerpoint for easy access and editing. Canva is also a great tool to create social media or graphic templates and have them be shareable. 

Discounts, Promotions & Samples

Depending on your industry and your specific business goals, offering a lead magnet that is directly sales related may be a great option. You can have a downloadable coupon on your site, accessible when a visitor inputs their email address. You can then set up an email campaign that will offer them promotions and/or samples with purchase. 

Your small business should consider having multiple lead magnets available to clients, launching once a month. Lead magnets are the best way to offer up valuable tools and information to showcase your expertise to your ideal target customers as well as get their information into your database for potential sales! While we listed just a few examples of great lead magnets in this article, there are a ton of opportunities for you to create valuable offers that are more specific for your business and target audience. If you’re in need of a simple way to organize your content marketing, download our Free Content Calendar Template today!

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