How Does Creating Content Help Attract Clients

Ready to increase lead generation from online marketing? Content creation is the answer! Creating content for your business helps attract clients because you have more opportunity to showcase your expertise while converting new leads. Content creation comes in all shapes and sizes, from workshops to infographics to videos and blog articles. Your content is a representation of your brand and has a goal of providing the most valuable information you have to share with your audience. 

What Types of Content Should Small Business Owners Create?

When you are first getting started with online marketing, you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of content creation. We get it – and we encourage you to take a step back and plan. Having a small business marketing plan is the absolute best way to help you organize and schedule out content creation to avoid the overwhelm. 

To begin to understand what types of content your small business should create, start by understanding what your target audience will find valuable. If you have not already built out your ideal target audience, or your buyer personas, as well as their buyer journey, that will need to be done before creating any content! Don’t waste time and effort (and a lot of marketing dollars) on content YOU think is best – create content that is specifically geared towards your target audience’s needs and questions. In order to attract more clients, your content should be very targeted. 

After you figure out what topics you should touch on in order to provide education and value to your ideal clients, now you can figure out the fun part – how to get it done! Content doesn’t always have to be in the form of a blog or an eBook, you can (and should) get creative with your content types. Experiment with all different forms of content in order to learn what works best for your ideal client. You will definitely want to have content such as blogs and web pages available easily to your audience in order to attract more clients. But you will also create gated content, and lead magnets that will generate more leads and grow your database!

Content Ideas For Small Businesses To Attract Clients

  • eBooks: “X Tips for…”, 
  • Guides: “How To”
  • Case Studies, “How we helped X client get x”
  • Videos: Summarize your blog articles, give “tips of the day”, update on industry trends and news
  • Mini Workshops: Short 10-20 minute lessons that provide solutions your ideal clients are looking for
  • Webinars: On your own or in partnership with other services. Longer lessons or talks that focus on solving your ideal client’s problems
  • Infographics: Lay out valuable information visually within a downloadable/printable graphic 
  • Worksheets & Templates: Provide outlines for your ideal client that are easy to download, print and/or use online. 
  • Blogs: We recommend posting keyword focused articles at least twice per month on your website’s blog.
  • Email Newsletters: Include your blog as well as other industry important topics 
  • Landing Pages: Pages on your website that include a form to contact you, download a lead magnet or subscribe to your blog or newsletter
  • Website Pages: Be sure to have dedicated pages to explain your services, pricing, mission/story, team and testimonials/case studies. 
  • Memes: Fun unique quotes and memes that you can create specific to your audience

How Will Content Creation Get My Business More Clients?

Creating content will help you attract and convert more clients because your business will have:

  • Increased brand awareness across social media and online
  • A way to generate more leads for your database for email marketing 
  • More opportunities to showcase your business expertise and engage with your audience 
  • A way for you to get more leads that want to speak with you about your services
  • More traffic to your website from your ideal clients 
  • Increased time on your website which helps boost search rankings online 

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