5 No-Fail Ways to Create Content Quickly

As a busy small business owner, there’s nothing more valuable to you than your time! When it comes to online marketing, it can be easy to get overwhelmed thinking about creating the content you need to generate more brand awareness, get more website traffic and increase revenue. However, there are some simple ways for you to create content quickly, that won’t suck up too much time! These no-fail ways to create content for your blog and website are ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Remember, content that you produce should always be unique and valuable to your target audience!

Ways Business Owners Can Create
Content Quickly

Update & Recycle Old Content 

If you are starting from scratch with your blogging or picking back up after a long break, a great way to get some fresh content is to update and recycle already created content! You can go through old blog articles or gather a batch of longer form social media posts and update for recent times. You can even use content from flyers or brochures that you have created for your business in past years and add to it to make it more timely and valuable to your readers. Old presentations, workshop notes or speeches are other sources of content that can be recycled and reused for your website! 

If you have been blogging for a while, it’s a good idea to update your content directly in the old post so that you still can use the SEO juice you’ve built over time. If you have a post that’s particularly popular and gaining good website traffic and search rankings, you can even create a “part 2” as a new blog!


List posts are a great quick way to create content! Some ideas for great list posts are:

  • X Tips For….
  • X Tricks For…
  • How To…
  • Your Top…
  • Our Picks For…
  • ____ Checklist
  • X Ideas For…

Case Studies

Case study and testimonial posts are incredibly valuable and worth any amount of time you put into them. However, they can be a quick piece of content because it’s already top of mind, needs little research and you likely have the information handy already. We recommend posting at least one case study per quarter to your small business blog! To create a case study, you can use any formatting that works best for you, just be sure to tell the story and like any blog article, focus on who you are talking to. 

Here’s an article on how to create a great case study by Neil Patel


Whether it’s written or recorded, an interview can be a wonderful and interesting piece of content for your target audience. It can be a short 10 minute chat to answer the burning questions your target audience would love to know, or a longer Podcast style interview. Whatever fits your style and works best for you

Some ideas of who you can interview:

  • A colleague or coworker
  • A fellow business owner in the industry or related industry
  • A local business owner 
  • A local politician 
  • Someone local who is hosting an upcoming event or fundraiser
  • An industry expert
  • A past client or current client


If you’ve never heard of newsjacking, take a minute to learn about how marketing expert David Meerman Scoot coined the phrase, here. Newsjacking is essentially taking news and injecting your own ideas in order to create content. You are basically piggybacking off of popular news content in order to gain more traction to your own content. For example, if there is an upcoming event such as the Emmys or the World Series, you may want to create a post about the event and tie it into your own business and industry. Fun ideas would be things like comparing players or celebrities to different services you offer, or using someone in particular who is popular in the news as a meme with a quote related to your business. Newsjacking can be simple, witty and fun but it can also be very serious at times. During big storms or political events, you may offer some types of relief to victims or showcase how you can help in relation to the issues that arise. Here are some examples of newsjacking to inspire you!

Ready to create content?

The biggest time suck when it comes to creating content is sitting around thinking about what you will write! Sometimes it’s best to just get started and see where it goes! When you create your small business marketing plan, you will use a content marketing calendar [download yours now for free here] to organize and plan your content. No matter what content you decide to create, it will all start with the targeting the right audience using specific topics and keywords. How it’s done, is up to you!

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