3 Things You Can Do To Reuse Content For Better Content Marketing

We get it – creating great content consistently – it’s not easy! Once your article is published you breathe a sigh of relief and but then soon realize, you still have the rest of the month’s content to prepare! Content marketing isn’t always about creating everything brand spanking new. Great content marketers know how to repurpose and reuse their best content in order to reach a broader audience. When you create something that is valuable to your target audience, the best way to strategically reach more people and stay consistent with your marketing is to reuse it! In this article we will give you three ideas of how to reuse content for better marketing. 

3 Ways To Reuses & Repurpose Content

1. Create a Presentation  

Repurpose your most popular articles into presentations! Summarize facts, pull out quotes, statistics and more into a slideshow presentation that can be posted on Instagram, Pinterest, your blog and even Youtube (add a voiceover!). We also recommend posting it to Slideshare, a presentation sharing site that can help boost your SEO rankings. You can easily create presentations using Powerpoint, Prezi, Google Slides or a free design tool like Canva.

2. Create an Infographic 

Instead of a full slide deck, try repurposing your content into a graphic. Infographics are great ways for business owners to get tips, key points and lists into a shareable, visually appealing piece of content. If you have an article with a ton of data or a list of top tricks and tips, those would be perfect to turn into Infographics. Canva is a great tool with a ton of Infographic templates. You can also use Piktochart and Visually to create yours. [Here are some great tools for non-designers to make their own graphics!]

3. Create an Email Series 

Engage your email database by creating an informational series repurposing content from your most popular blog articles or lead magnets. You can break up the content into short snippets of information, with catchy headlines and a call to action. This type of repurposing is very useful if you are trying to re engage old leads in your database or convert prospects. You can link to the full article within the email if you want or just use it as a teaser and bring them to a service page or to request a quote. Creating emails using your published content is always recommended in order to make the most of your content and stay consistent with your email marketing strategy. Be sure to add this strategy to your small business marketing plan!

These are just 3 of the many ways you can repurpose your content, we encourage you to get creative and make the most of your work! Remember, content marketing is key to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Your small business marketing plan should definitely include a content calendar [get your template for free here] that is filled with both new ideas and ways to repurpose and reuse current inventory! 

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