How to Describe Your Services to Attract Your Ideal Clients

As a small business, your online marketing is essential to promoting your services to your ideal clients. The tricky part however, is creating the content that describes what you do in a way that will attract your best clients. Writing about what you do should always be less about you and more about the value for your target audience. Describing your services to your ideal client in a way that speaks to them directly is all about informing them in the way they best want to be informed. Understanding your ideal audience and how they interact with content is key to putting together your services pages. Here’s some tips on how to describe your services to attract the ideal client.

Your Value Proposition

The most important part of your online marketing is your business value proposition. Before diving into the specifics about your services, your website homepage and each header for internal pages should include a clear, consistent value proposition. What is a value proposition? It is a simple, direct statement that summarizes why your target audience should work with you. Your value proposition highlights your value to your client. It is a mixture of what makes you different from competitors, the experience you provide to clients, and the answer to their direct needs. Here is a great article from HelpScout on how to define your value proposition.

Answer Their Questions

When describing your services on your website, make sure to answer the top questions your ideal client has about what you offer and what it’s like working with you. There are many ways to do this including an FAQ page or just a “What It’s Like” section of your service page. However, you want to be sure that this information is clear and helps you appeal to their needs and wants. Whatever questions you get asked most, should be considered when writing this content. These questions could be simple as what types of businesses/consumers do you typically work with, what are your prices, how long do your services take, who would your client work with, what are your hours, what is your contact information. 

Why Are You Different?

What makes your business unique? What makes your services appealing to your ideal client? Your differentiator should be a key piece of your content on your service pages and throughout your website. Do you offer something most of your competitors don’t? Do you have more experience? A larger or smaller team? Do you focus on local business vs. anywhere? Attract your ideal clients by showing them what makes you stand out from others in your industry. 

Show Off Results & Specific Benefits

Credibility is so important when describing your business’ services. To build credibility with your ideal client you need to show off what you can do and what you have done for other people like them. Testimonials, case studies, and real life examples of how you’ve worked with your ideal client is the key to describing your services in a way that will attract ideal clients. They need to understand how exactly they can and will benefit from working with you. If you are just starting out and you don’t have a ton of information to share, use yourself as an example. Or you can offer a promise or guarantee that backs your claims. However you decide to showcase your expertise, make sure it’s front and center when describing your services.

Clarity & What To Expect

While results and benefits will give your ideal client a great idea of what to expect when working with you, providing a “what to expect” portion within your services description is very helpful. You know your ideal client best, so speak to them in a concise way that will tell them exactly what to expect when they work with you. 

When talking to your ideal client about what to expect, be sure to include specifics about what exactly you offer them (in a clear, concise way), how long it typically takes (if possible to include this info it’s extremely valuable) and who you typically provide these services for. “We do XYZ within XYZ timeline for XYZ consumers” 

Key Takeaways:

  • The first step in describing your services in a way to attract your ideal clients is to understand your ideal clients. Work through your buyer personas and ideal target audience definition before diving into your service descriptions.
  • Define your value proposition that summarizes your value to your ideal client and use this statement across your website and online marketing.
  • Be sure to answer your ideal clients questions clearly and in a concise way throughout your service descriptions. Be up front about how you work and what they can expect.
  • Provide as much detail about your results and the benefits you offer your ideal clients, with examples and testimonials. 
  • A “What to expect” section of content is an excellent addition to your service pages and will help set expectations with clients and attract the target audience you want to work with. 

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