How To Set Up a Client Survey For Better Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is a critical component of small business success. Successful small businesses focus on repeat and referral clientele. Satisfied customers are the key to building your growth! But getting the feedback you need from clients in order to provide the very best service isn’t always easy. People tend to shy away from speaking their minds directly to business owners. This is why it’s important for you to implement a strategy to gather feedback in a way that is beneficial to both your business and clients. 

Client surveys can be sent out via email and offer an opportunity for feedback as well as to help build up your marketing strategies with ideas and information about your ideal clients. Asking questions that will help you get to know your clients and what they enjoyed about working with you is a great way to understand what more you can do to attract your target audience. In this article, we’ll outline some key components for a client survey that will get you better feedback!

How To Set Up Your Client Feedback Survey

Set Goals

Before putting together your survey you should be sure to set a clear goal for what you want to accomplish. Maybe your goal is to gather feedback so you can improve processes for your service offerings. Another goal could be to gather information about your ideal clients to help build your buyer personas. You could also create a survey with a goal of learning about what marketing strategies work best or what content you should create. Whatever your goal may be, make sure it’s specific and you understand exactly what you want to learn.

Use a Simple Tool

Choosing a tool for your survey is the next key part of making sure you will get better feedback. An easy to use, simple tool that not only is user friendly for your recipients but also fits well into your own systems is important. When deciding on how to send out your survey, think first about user experience and what your audience will likely respond to. The less click throughs – the better. You don’t want a tool that requires the recipient to create a login or sign into their email. It should be a quick, easy click through that they can do within a few minutes. Also, make sure it’s mobile friendly! Most people check emails on their phone and if they see something they cannot complete easily on mobile, it’ll get forgotten about by the time they get to their desktop. Here are some survey tools you can explore!

Ask The Right Questions

While maybe it’s important for you to ask about the experience the client had with your company, you should also gather information about them that you do not know at this point. For example, if you ask a client to rate your business from 1-10 overall experience satisfaction, be sure to include a question about what they liked most about working with you, if they would work with you again, and why. You should also ask about demographic and interests that will help you build out your target audience buyer personas. Make sure you’re asking for information that you don’t already have! When asking questions, use multi-choice as much as possible so that you can get clear answers. If you use the long form option, make sure it’s required and you ask very specific questions and provide examples of answers. 

For surveys where you are looking to gain insight on new marketing strategies or content, be sure to include questions about what topics they would be interested in learning more about in multiple choice as well as long form answers – so you get the most out of the response. You can also test out some of your content ideas by listing them and asking which would resonate best or what they would want to read/download. 

Offer Incentives

Even the simplest, most put together survey won’t get any results unless people actually complete it! Offering incentives for customers to complete your survey is a great way to ensure you get some responses. You can offer something to every single person that sends in a completed survey, such as a free download. Or you can have a raffle incentive for a larger, more substantial incentive such as a gift card or a free or discounted service. A good idea to ensure you get a ton of responses due to a great offer, is to segment your database and offer something specific that the audience would find valuable. 

When it comes to client satisfaction, feedback is crucial. It’s impossible for your small business to serve it’s clients properly without gathering feedback and providing then a way to speak their minds. Improve your business’ customer experience and retention, as well as your repeat client and referral rates by using client feedback surveys!

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