How to Come up With Blog Article Ideas for Your Small Business

With over 409 million people viewing blog posts each month, not having a blog for your small business means you are missing out on a large audience that you could be converting into paying customers. The most common reason businesses create blogs is to help drive traffic to their website. Businesses with blogs receive 55% more website traffic than businesses that don’t and get 97% more links to their websites. 

It’s clear small businesses need to write blogs and be consistent with their posts, but how are you supposed to come up with fresh, exciting ideas that will turn internet browsers into customers?

We’ve come up with a list to help you either get started writing a blog or help you get out of any writer’s block you may be experiencing.

Highlight Common Mistakes

Everyone wants to make sure they don’t make a mistake, and every industry comes with mistakes that can be made. Do you have a cleaning company? A blog titled Common Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid will be helpful to many people. Home organization services can write an article about not overloading organizers. For home interior designers, an article titled 10 Mistakes Commonly Made in Interior Design would easily grab attention. Creating common mistake blogs is an easy way to reach an audience.

Industry Trends

The one thing you can always depend on is there will be something new going on in your industry. Give your audience an inside peek and let them know your take on it. Home decorators can write about the ‘go-to accessories for 2021’ or let audiences know if we are saying goodbye to the days of grey. No matter what your industry, there will always be new trends. 

Celebrate Contest WInners

A great way to get new customers is to have a contest on your social media and then dedicate a short blog on your website to the winner. Everyone loves to be the center of attention occasionally. This is a great way you get your blog shared. If someone wrote a blog about you, wouldn’t you share it on your social media or with your friends and family?

Add Videos

According to a recent survey done by Wyzowl, 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to only reading about a product or service. This may sound like vlogging is a better idea. Nope, just the opposite! To get maximum exposure, embed a YouTube video into your blog. This provides two ways to promote your brand in terms of online searches. For interior designers, this is a great opportunity to show a sneak peek of your work. If nothing else, introduce yourself and your staff to your audience and make that all-important personal connection with your customers. 

Check Out Your Competitors’ Blogs

When you are drawing a complete blank, checking out the competition is a great way to come up with topics. If you own a cleaning company, simply google ‘cleaning company blog.’ You may have never thought to write an article about the importance of keeping a clean medical office, but now that you saw a competitor write about it, you may have an ah-ha moment. What about The Most Important Surfaces in Your Office to Disinfect? The ideas can be endless once you jog your mind. Sometimes you just need a little nudge.


Staying consistent with a blog for your small business will improve your site’s ranking in search results. Appearing higher in searches translates into more clicks. Coming up with fresh ideas for blogs is a great way to improve organic traffic to your website. 

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