How to Review Your Insights on Facebook

With almost 3 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. If your small business is using Facebook, you should be utilizing Facebook analytics. It’s loaded with insights and data that can help you understand how your Facebook page is performing. Facebook insights show business owners which types of posts your audience is most responsive to and serves as an interface for understanding the demographics of your page. Facebook Insights gives you graphs and charts that show how your audience interacts with your business page using different metrics that are valuable to your Facebook marketing strategy. 

Facebook Insights can be a little overwhelming with its wealth of data, especially without clear instructions on the most efficient way to review it. That’s where we step in. This article will clearly explain the most important metrics for small business owners to review. 


The first thing you will see when you get to your Facebook Insights is the Overview. Facebook Overview condenses your business’s data into one area. You can see things like how many likes you’ve gotten in the past week, how many people are engaging with your content, and how many people your posts have reached.



When you click on the Reach tab, you will see an easy-to-read graph that reports your organic and paid reach for the past 28 days. Frequently reviewing your reach will help you determine what posts did better than others. Your overall reach is connected to how much engagement your posts receive. Posts with more engagement have a higher likelihood of being seen by others. If you boost your posts, you will see how successful those were in the reach area as well.



Within this particular metric, many micro metrics are available for small businesses to see how their page is performing. You can also select different time periods such as yesterday, today, the last 7 days, and the last 28 days. The ‘Total Actions’ graph shows how many people took actions on your page and which actions they took like getting directions, getting your phone number, or clicking on your website. This also includes how many people hit the big blue Action Button at the bottom of your page. The Action button or call-to-action button encourages people to call you or visit your web page.


The posts tab shows how well your posts are performing. This area contains all the information about your posts like your reach and engagement. If you see a post that has been more successful than others, you can boost that post in this area versus going into your page and finding it. Facebook also has an option to click on your ‘most engaging’ posts from the last 28 days listed in order (see image below). You can also find out when your Facebook followers are online which will help you know when it is the most opportune time to post.


When it comes to Facebook Insights there is a large amount of data to view. However, for small businesses, reviewing your overview, reach, actions, and posts will help you determine what posts create the most engagement, how many people see your posts, how many people are searching for your contact information, and the most opportune to post. If you are a small business, looking for ways to increase your results on Facebook, we have the perfect offer for you!

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