5 Clever Ways to Get Your Ideal Customer to Subscribe to Your List

As a small business owner, your subscribers are the driving force of your email marketing strategy and open up incredible opportunities to sell your products and services. Learn five clever ways to target your ideal customers and get them to subscribe to your mailing list.

1. Use Pop-Up Forms 

A great way to get quality subscribers is to incorporate pop-up forms in your blog. Many small business owners are scared to leverage pop-up forms because they are convinced that no one wants to see them and ultimately they will keep customers from visiting their blog. However, according to a study done by Sumo, the top 10% of pop-up forms convert at 9.3% which is quite impressive.  

To gain the most subscribers you have to entice them with relevant information, inspiring graphics, and give them something of value. HubSpot’s pop-up forms are user-friendly and enable users to create a variety of pop-ups like exit pop-ups, drop-downs, and slide-ins. 

2. Offer a Special “Subscriber Only” Incentive

Another impressive way to grow your email list is to offer subscribers exclusive access to something they will want or are curious to learn more about. This can be in the form of coupons, resources, or free content. For example, a cleaning business could offer 20% off the first cleaning when a visitor subscribes to your list. You can provide this offer with a pop-up on your blog or the homepage of your website. 

3. Run a Giveaway 

Contests are one of the best ways to generate a mailing list with customers that require your services or products and can drive more traffic to your website. Make sure that the prize is suitable for your target audience. This will help to ensure you gain relevant customers. 

The main motivation for a giveaway is to promote your business, so make sure that your prize works toward this goal. Be sure that the effort consumers are required to put into entering the giveaway is equal to the value of the prize. For example, an interior decorator that is only requiring an email address to be added to their mailing list may give away one small piece of home decor. 

Social media is one of the best places to host a viral giveaway. Typically, the consumer is required to “like” the business’s IG or Facebook page and tag a certain number of people in the post, and even comment on why they need or want the prize. When requiring more of the consumer, make sure your prize is more valuable. For example, that same interior designer may offer a free Christmas makeover for the winner’s living room, complete with a decorated Christmas tree. 

4. Use the Word “Free”

Although we all know that a newsletter is free there is something enticing when consumers read the word “free.” This is especially true if it is coming from an industry they have a strong interest in. 

The word “free” doesn’t have to be used exclusively in connection with the word “newsletter.” Use phrases like “Get free exclusive content” or “Free coupons for subscribers.” 

5. Simply Explain the Benefits of Subscribing

Most of your blog or website visitors will want to know why you want them on your mailing list. In other words, tell them what you will be sending them. Include what type of content you will send them and how often you will be emailing them. Spell out the benefits clearly and simply to them.

Growing your subscribers takes time and effort, but remember you are looking for your ideal customer not just a bunch of email addresses that will serve your business no purpose. Evaluate which strategies will get you real leads who are truly interested in what you have to offer. If you need more strategies and ideas on how to grow your database and your online presence, check out our resources for small businesses.

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