Ways To Get More Reviews on Google For Your Small Business

With 90% of customers reading an online review before visiting a business and 88% of them considering an online review just as credible as a personal reference, Google reviews are essential to the success of your small business.

Google reviews help customers determine which small businesses and products are the best. Having positive reviews online leads to more sales. But, how do you get those satisfied customers to leave a review? We have come up with several ways to get more reviews on Google for your small business. 

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Ask Your Customers

Asking customers directly is probably the easiest way to receive a Google review. Ask your satisfied customers to leave a Google review after you have completed a job or received a compliment on a product. 

Another way to ask for reviews is to send your customer an email asking how they are enjoying their purchase or how satisfied they are with your service. Ask them if they would mind writing a Google review recounting their experience with your business. If you are on a phone call with a customer, ask them if they would mind jumping on Google to leave you a quick review. 

Add a Link in Your Newsletter or Email Campaigns

An easy way to get more reviews on Google for your small business is to add a link when you send out emails to your database. Simply copy and paste your Google My Business page and ask customers to click on and write a review. Having a link available makes it easier for customers to help you out.

Add a Review Link on Your Website

Another simple way to get more reviews on Google is to add a link to your website. It’s incredibly easy to embed Google reviews on your site by following these straightforward steps.

You can also use a lightbox popup asking customers to leave a review. 

Remind Your Customers to Leave a Review

We all get busy and forget to do things. Asking someone to leave a review may not be at the top of their “to-do list.” It may take them some time to get around to it or they may forget altogether. Make sure you follow up with them and remind them. You can mention it to them during a follow up conversation or send it in an email or postcard.

Create a Landing Page

If your webpage is frequently visited, create a dedicated landing page that motivates customers to leave feedback. Use a tool like Amplify that shows potential customers social proof of your great customer service or products. 

Use The Google My Business Marketing Kit

The Google My Business Marketing Kit lets small business owners create personalized marketing materials that inspire customers to leave you a Google review. 

The marketing kit includes free social posts, videos, and stickers to help encourage your customers to leave a review for your small business. 

Provide Great Customer Support and Products

Making sure you provide great customer support and quality products are the easiest way to be sure you get good Google reviews. 

Customers that are blown away by your friendly customer service, quality of service, and valuable products often feel inclined to let the online world know just how great you are. 


Getting Google reviews takes time and effort, but following the methods we have provided, you will be well on your way. Continuing your great services and products along with a little extra time and effort will get you the 5 star Google reviews your small business needs!

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