The 3 Best Business Intelligence Tools for Marketers

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Part of effectively reaching your ideal customer is gathering information on what their needs are and how they’re currently interacting with your business. We have a few tools that we use on a regular basis to gain insight on customer behavior- Spyfu, Hotjar, and ArcGIS. They’re all web-based and require an account, though some offer … Read more

AI in Marketing: Beyond Simple Analytics

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If you ask any marketer worth their weight in salt how they feel about analytics, you are likely to hear rave reviews about their analytics tools, and possibly a diatribe about the perils of not being “data-driven”. So, just how valuable are analytics? Are you connecting your analytics to actions? If your answer to the … Read more

Search Marketing: How to Do It Well & What to Measure

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Search marketing comprises both organic and paid channels for positioning your company’s website in search engine results pages (SERPs) within Google, Bing, and the secondary search engines. You may be fully aware of this, but regardless of your familiarity with these digital marketing channels, there are likely times where getting started or trying to work … Read more

Website Design To Save Money & Increase Sales

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Website design can be tricky. Your website is the center of your business hub and is the digital storefront. It’s the first place people look when they hear about you and it’s the first place they look when considering applying for a job. Your website is – or should be – your biggest marketing asset … Read more

Craft a Compelling Company Story- Building a Story Brand (Key Take-aways)

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Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is one of the best resources we’ve found on how to craft a compelling company story to appeal to prospective customers. Take-away #1: No one cares. It’s your job to make people care about what you’re selling. There is so much noise competing for our attention. We are … Read more